Sounds Rude

What the Textbooks Daren’t Tell You

This work has been created to teach students what no textbook will ever teach, and few teachers have the courage to do. This subset of British English is as valid as any other, and without an understanding of it, a student can never hope to be truly proficient in English.

This interactive course contains language which some will consider strong or even unacceptable. It also contains graphic and explicit images of full male and female nudity, but the course is not pornographic nor intended to be titillating. The course is primarily designed to educate.

This course is 100% adult only! You should not download it if you are not an adult or if you are easily offended by strong language, explicit nudity, or simulations of sexual activity.

If you DO want to know the language that all British adults know, then you should download this course today.

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